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Originally Posted by MEGA View Post
gangzoom - is that a rule or just something they did in your case for special reasons? That would be a godsend if it worked out like that worst case and a real weight off my mind.
Not sure if its a general rule for the whole industry, but there certainly wasn't anything special about my case. Here is whats on Admrials website at the moment...

I've been involved in a few no-fault claims the last few years so I'm less stressed out about these thing now, but one thing I have learnt is NOT to go any where near the "accident management" companies. These guys are out to make a quick few s through things like "giving" you stupidly expensive and unnecessary hire cars. When my 335 needed a new bumper even the hire-car company tired to get me to "upgrade" to a stupidly expensive Merc and told me as long as I signed something they can than claim it back off some one...the sooner practices like that get banned the better.

Hope you get it sorted out quickly