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Followed directions for my 2007 335i and it worked perfectly to reset the oil light.
It set it for 16000 miles from's only been about 5000 mi since I changed the oil and reset it to 16000 mi at that time. But the light is off and now to do enough 'drive cycling' to populate all the sensors so I can take it to get state emissions inspection performed a second time. I had reset all the DTC's with an i910 scanner to get rid of a "93B2" code in the ASCM module -- airbag light, basically -- so I could get the emissions test and get the vehicle licensed. Then it failed the 'readiness test' because there was a paucity of information stored in the onboard sensors. So, I have to drive the car between 100 and 500 miles to complete a drive cycle. Which will not be easy, given the tag is no longer current...geez, I bet the dealer would be able to pass it, but at what cost?