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I havea 2008 335i coupe without 6fl. But I also have the 2008 Owners Manual which includes a section on the USB audio interface, (6FL). In case it helps this section states:

a) After you connect for the first time, the information on all tracks (e.g. artist, music style) as well as the playlists of the USB device are transferred to the vehicle. This operation can take some time. How long it takes depends on the USB device and the number of tracks. During the transfer, you can select the tracks on the basis of the directories and file names.

b) The information from up to four USB devices or for a total of approx. 20,000 tracks can be stored in the vehicle. If a fifth USB device is connected or if more than 20,000 tracks are to be stored, the information of existing tracks isdeleted.

c) Use the BMW cable adaptor to connect Apple Ipod

d) The common audio files e.g. MP3, WMA, WAV (PCM) and AAC as well as playlists in the M3U format can be played. The large number of audio devices available on the market means it cannot be ensured that every audio device can be operated by the vehicle. Ask your BMW Service which audio devices are suitable.

e) Do not connect USB hard disks

As b) suggests maximum 20,000 tracks I think maybe a Apple Classic 80gb is the biggest device supoorted, according to Apple 20,000 songs (at 128k) is the amount an 80gb Clasic can hold. Maybe the reason why people are having problems with 160gb Classic as it is not intended for use with 6fl? Of course this is the theory and in practice may be different.