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Originally Posted by FrankoQ View Post
Negative on both.
1) "navigation home" calculates directions to my last navigation address.
In fact, I said "navigation home" or "navigation" and either way took me
to the last address.

2) "navigation <item from address book>" did not work.
I can get to the address book with voice commands, but could not make
it calculate directions to an item in the address book by just saying:
"navigation office" for example.

I have 25.02.00

Yup, what BK, I and others have been trying to state and now what I expect can be finally put to rest -- that "Navigation" is simply defaulting to last place entered since it doesn't have any new voice entry for the address book (which is a crime , since the voice entry feature for new addresses works surprisingly well and so does the phone book. In fact, in my mind the better "listening" ability of the Navi seems to be one of the only signficant improvements to my last version). It would be nice to know what version I have, but none of my paperwork has it.