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I believe it. But, to press the issue: you didn't directly observe the elimination of slop. You didn't have a camera under there, or Bubba under there, to watch the toe arm as you careened around the track. You observed something else, some effect of the slop being eliminated. I'm asking about what that effect was.
Don't be ridiculous. You know the purpose of a heim joint. On a comparative basis to the OEM link to a RE or VM links, its' design is to eliminate the slop; rather, drastically reduce deflection. You're smart guy you know what I mean.

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It's your description of what you actually observed, as opposed to what you deduced, that I wanted to elicit from you.
I think I've already answered you. I don't like to belabor the point or be vague without being laborious in this thread, in essence, asked and answered. I found the VMs links provides the positive lateral response (feedback) through a turn I'm looking for. By this, I can manage and modulate the speed into and in the turn. Then a better exist speed. For my platform, it's fine. Can it be better, yeah there's room for further improvement.

Answered your question?

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It sounds like you did change the rear arms first, without the M3 subframe bushings, and were not satisfied with the result, at least on the race track but maybe on the road as well.
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