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Originally Posted by luckyu View Post
My attempts to draw a distinction between your experience behind the steering wheel on the one hand, and the elimination of slop behind the rear wheel....
Ok Luckylu, what you're asking me is to describe something that has way too many variables or event dependent. But I did encounter an experience as I was coming home this evening.

The scenario is on a high-speed transition ramp from one highway (85N) to another highway (280N). The road was banking towards the left, two vehicles in front of me and positioned in each of the two lanes. There was about a 100 ft. of spacing between the two.

I'm pushing 70-75, jumped to 90 into the banking bend left, splitting the two into the turn, passing them both . As I turned into banked road, I transferring weight on to the front right smoothly, turning, the rear felt solid and connected even with a surface transition (or bump) that stepped out the rear slightly. Via seat-of-the-pants and steering feedback, the unsettled moment still gave me a steering response that included sharpness and confidence about the rear end.

Now, I feel a fair amount of percentage of how the rear end performed and conveyed was due to the VM linkages. Hope may explain to your question about an "experience behind the steering wheel on the one hand, and the elimination of slop behind the rear wheel".
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