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Originally Posted by jon vital View Post
First up, excellent effort for someone who has never fitted before.

I have to agree that the vinyl choice is poor and the areas you heated into the bumpers will probably lift soon as a calendered films will always try to return to their original state i.e flat. I wouldn't use 751 either, that is very thin and brittle.

I am surprised by some of the responses from yank fitters though, printing IJ380 and laminating with matt? What a waste of time. Don't 3M sell car wraping films over there? Look up 3M 85 series. It's a multi layered pre laminated film that we have in Europe (google focus RS500). Several other manufacturers do car wrap films now aswell including Avery and all do matt black. We done a Range Rover ourselves last week in a KPMF film
The 85 Series is not available in North America ... yet... and I tried requesting it from 3M with no luck.
You don't need to print on 380 or 180, if only you want a colour not available in the 225 series. It may be a waste of time to you, but it's all we have to work with on this side of the world