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Originally Posted by XYR03 View Post
how about avery? I'm having a hard time finding anything on avery but here what i found so far
As for Avery films... Well... They copied 3M's technology and called it Easy Apply instead of Control Tack or Comply. 3M sued Avery and won. Avery had to take all their product off the market and re-manufacture their whole line.
If you want to use Avery films stay with the A9 series and look for the "EZ" symbol. Do not attempt to use their A4 or A6 line on your ride, you'll be sorry. What ever you do, do not use Avery's over laminate. Use 3M's, because Avery's lam has a tendency to end up silvering. What that means is that some areas will look cloudy and others nice an glossy. I stopped using Avery for this reason.