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Originally Posted by BravoJohny33 View Post
Hello, I went through this and it was a complete nightmare trying to find someone to fix it. Most windshield shops don't understand it can cause a leak by letting water roll into the AC blower.

The only way to correctly fix this is to order the new molding top and bottom. Then have the windshield replaced again or maybe reinstall. But most place wont do reinstall. I highly suggest you do not let this problem go on. If it leaks it will rust out your blower or worse yet damage your FRM.

If you had a windshield shop recently do this they usually have multi year or lifetime warranties. I suggest you bug the hell out of them to fix this because if you don't you are looking at min 60 bucks in parts + windshield reinstall cost.
Thanks for chiming in! The guy that did it is giving me a fight so I'm going to be taking it in to somewhere that will do OEM Pilkington on it the correct way. I have the car garages until I can get it out somewhere. I didn't expect so much could go wrong besides the obvious rust potential so a appreciate you bringing up more of what could happen!!

I checked out a couple videos on full installation of a new windshield to see what's missing on my car and what was done wrong by the prior installer. What did I glean? Well, Nothing was done right and I don't want to take it back to someone that has no idea what putting an E90 windshield on so I'm going to be stuck paying all over again but I guess it's a live and learn lesson for me. If I get pissed enough about it, I'll file a case with small claims court but idk if I want the headache...
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