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Originally Posted by Dino GT View Post
Yes the temperature of the steering changes with the interior temperature, but the steering wheel heat never turns off until you hit the button to turn it off. I can even turn mine on in the summer time, my cars already came with heated steering wheels from the factory, but a retrofit should work the same.
I confirmed it today. Went for a good long drive, and brought my infra-red thermometer. It wasn't too cold today - hovering around 0C (32F).

I started the car, and hit the steering heater button, heated seats on full, and rear defrost, and then de-snowed her. I was ready to leave in about 10 minutes.

When I got in the car, the air coming from the vents was still cold, but the seats and steering wheel were nice and toasty. I took a temp measurement where the steering wheel meets the center portion on the left side. It measured in the mid/high-90s F. It wasn't as hot as I've felt it when it's -20 outside, but it was hot. I took measurements as I was driving, and over time, as the cabin temperature increased, the temperature at that spot dropped to the low 80s F. t never went below 80F with the heating button lit, and it never shut itself off.

At one point, while driving, I switched the steering wheel heat off, and waited for the steering wheel to cool down, and I got a measurement in the low 70s F, so it wasn't cycling on/off, the temperature was adjusting to the interior temperature. What an awesome design! I love this even more, now!

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