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Originally Posted by E93Dude View Post
I've been riding around for some time with road rash on my front bumper, and am looking to do something about it. The rash isn't too noticeable if you you are standing up, but I know its there, and I want to fix it. I am concerned about trying to repaint/replace the front bumper as I am not confident the body shop can get it to perfectly match the rest of the body. The OCD in me would have a problem with that. Instead, I've been thinking about two alternatives:

-- I was thinking about marking off with tape the lower portion that covers the rash, and spray painting the lower portion flat black, perhaps with a truck bed liner that won't show future scrapes or rock dings, and is easy to touch up.

-- My first choice, however, would be a plastic or fiberglass cover that fits over the lower portion of the bumper, but I have not been able to find any. If anyone can refer me to something like this, TIA.

Thoughts on any solution welcome. And yes, I know it looks like shit, but car has not been washed, and there is a lot of grass clippings, etc. on it.
I'll go to a local auto paint shop and have 'em mix you your paint code in a spray can.. a little bit of Bondo and sanding to DIY. If it fails, then just bring it to a body shop.
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