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Thanks for chiming in! The guy that did it is giving me a fight so I'm going to be taking it in to somewhere that will do OEM Pilkington on it the correct way. I have the car garages until I can get it out somewhere. I didn't expect so much could go wrong besides the obvious rust potential so a appreciate you bringing up more of what could happen!!

I checked out a couple videos on full installation of a new windshield to see what's missing on my car and what was done wrong by the prior installer. What did I glean? Well, Nothing was done right and I don't want to take it back to someone that has no idea what putting an E90 windshield on so I'm going to be stuck paying all over again but I guess it's a live and learn lesson for me. If I get pissed enough about it, I'll file a case with small claims court but idk if I want the headache...
I am in much of a similar situation. Windshield is very seriously cracked and I am not sure how to go about it. It was a rock or something I seriously cannot tell because it was dark but I heard it hit the bottom of the glass and at first there was nothing but now the crack is just going upwards slowly. I have read online about OEM and aftermarkets like here
but I still cannot say for sure. What do you guys think? The car has about 5000 miles on it if that makes any difference...
I would recommend going with a professional, trained, insured installer like Safelite (some people may crap on Safelite but I've had great experiences with them. The way I see it, you have two options depending on how gregarious you are and what you're willing to accept.

1.) you're not anal retentive and aren't keeping the car for life like I am. you're friendly and you are willing to go with aftermarket glass and "babysit" the installer a bit. If you're not trying to keep the car then save some money and go with an aftermarket and save some money but realize you may need to do some babysitting so you don't end up with a botched job like I did.

2.) you're anal retentive or plan to keep the car and want stuff original. if you don't want to deal with other human beings, pony up the full price and get proper legit glass from a dealer where they know how the cars are constructed and have access to the right parts.

If you want to go with #1, the following was recommended to me.
If you go through Safelite, kindly request a master tech (and don't budge on that request). find some common ground to spark up a conversation and watch/monitor what they're doing. I was told for these cars they should use a thin rope removal tool not the reciprocating metal plate thing they normally use. Watch a few videos and know what needs to be done so you can ask ahead of time if they have all the parts and you'll know if something isn't right.

If you're going with #2, you'll be broke but the work should be guaranteed to be perfect lol. I'd still recommend going over the car to make sure it's right though.

I went aftermarket glass on the BMW and the glass is great, the work just sucked so it needs to be redone. My 4runner was a different case, the mirror mount on the aftermarket glass is higher which causes my mirror to bump into my autopilot off road controls (frustrating but not a deal breaker).
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