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Help - E90 not starting key symbol

Hello- Strange thing happened - coolant light came on and went and got coolant topped off nearby.
Tried starting the car after stopped/ parked. It wouldn’t start. 15- 20 min drive home and parked. Then it wouldn’t start
The key symbol light comes on and there is a
white bar where the odometers readings should be.
Key fob works to lock / unlock car thus far.

On starting the car before I drove home it was weak but took though for a minute it wiped off all dash readings but came back on.
It did sputter a bit and perhaps last two starts it sputtered now that I think about it.

How to tell if this is this battery issue or starter?
Any advice before I goto the dealer and get unnecessary work done and get a tow?

2011 328i x drive
have not replaced a battery since I’ve had it so it’s probably original

Costs for starter job ?
Does it make sense to goto dealer or inde shop for battery?
Appreciate 0