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Originally Posted by Caravaggio View Post
Let me describe to you how it should be.
It's 2:30a.m.
Your Lucy Liu look alike is now fast asleep with a big smile on her face.
Six miles north of where you live are rural windy two-lane roads surrounded by farm land and all kinds of elevation changes.
8 ounces of Sumatran coffee and your laser focused.
Walk outside, strap yourself into your M4 GT3.
Pull out of the drive onto the street and do six rather gentle miles never going over 3500rpm.
The next 4 miles you gradually do mild accelerations adding about 500 rpm each consecutive time.
Now your out in horse country and you aim to get in a few 140mph straights and a few 100 mph turns.
Put in a total of about 200 miles.
Cool everything down on the ride home.
Sounds more for a Fast & Furious movie or a Bond movie shot in Switzerland on a closed road for this purpose.

Otherwise: high risk of car confiscated + jail time + ban + a hefty fine. If you break the limits with more than 20 to 40 km/h and get your license withdrawn, the fines will be set according to your taxable income and wealth (Tagessatz). With a high income you will have to pay a high fine. (see also the sobering comments there)

Or the scenario may end with a roll off a mountain side.
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