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Xdrive to rwd conversion

Hey guys,

Late night thinking here. I've been using xdelete for the past few months, and honestly, I'm not feeling like putting the awd back on. My car is a 2009 e92 335xi 6MT

Since I'll need to swap my turbos in the near future and subframe will need to be removed, I've been considering to completely delete my xdrive related parts, and putting rwd parts on my car (minus the transfer case).

I would be able to get the complete front subframe from a 328i rwd, with all the suspension, shock, steering rack, spindle etc for about 200$.

My questions would be:

Does the steering rack fit to the steering column, or would I need to also swap it?

Can I leave the transfer case there, without the front driveshaft?

Can I put a rwd oil pan on the xdrive engine, considering I will delete the front axles and diff.

Will the car's tcu/ecu trip out because everything isn't there anymore, even if xdelete software is flashed?

Also, if there's stuff I haven't considered, feel free to tell me

And no, I won't be buying a rwd car, I love this one and the specs I have, It would be very hard here in Canada to find a similar one in rwd.

Thank you guys
Appreciate 1