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Safeway "buy one get one free" family pack chicken breasts.
Take 'em home and zip-lock bag 'em up. Toss in freezer.


Pull one out, toss in microwave on defrost 5 minutes.
In a one quart sauce pan, splash a little olive oil, dump chicken breast in, turn heat to med-high, put a lid on it. Flip it before it burns, wait 3 minutes, drop in a cup of cut fresh broccoli, add a shot glass of water, lid it.

Cook about 1.5 minutes, the steam will finish off the chicken and heat and green up the broccoli.
Turn off stove, drain using lid, dump on a plate, a little salt or salt substitute, bon appetite.

I've cut lbs and body fat % and haven't gotten bored with it yet. And it's a cheap meal.

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