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Originally Posted by Josh1a1h View Post

It seems that the update doesn't always work..

Did you do something different to get the CIC working rather than just updating the software?


how old is the car?

if its so old you can't get the 8 button controller to work I guess you have one of these systems

1) CCC system with the old haptic (force feedback) controller and 2 buttons (early 2006 build)
2) Business MASK (non widescreen system) 2007 to 2008 build. This can be coded to make the new controller work, that's how my car is. But a full main dealer integration update doesn't give the new controller ANY functionality at all in Business MASK system cars before 2009 car build date. And no BMW dealer will ever help u sort that out. Took a guy who knows what he's doing 10 minutes to fix it. (he changed the build date of my car to some point in 2009 (I think 03 2009) and then updated gateway software) So I think he made the control software operate as per LCI build cars for business MASK setup....

If it has CIC then they came with 8 button controller, but they can work the old way with the old controller. But you'd be mad to suffer that.


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