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I had a Por Larranaga Petite Corona (PLPC) in the humi that unfortunately appeared to be unravelling a tiny bit, so I figured it's time to smoke it. If you are looking for the greatest bang for the buck in terms of cuban cigars, this is it ladies and gentlemen, at least imo. This cigar is imo, 4.5 out of 5 stars. Considering that this cigar, usually purchased in a 50 cab, sells for about $4.25 USD per stick, I can't think of a cigar that beats it in terms of flavor.

Tonight I smoked this particular PLPC with some Remi VSOP (my favorite congac at the VSOP level). This smoke had approximately 3.5 years age on it. In terms of overall strength I'd rate the PLPC a 5.5-6.5 out of ten, in other words medium. Tonight's smoke yielded earthy, leathery, and peppery overtones that at times bordered on spicy. Of course that unmistakable Habanos flavor was always there as well. Surprisingly, the cigar finished on a somewhat sweet note. Roughly the last one third was distinctly sweet. I don't remember PLPC ending that way, but that's how it went with my palate, with this smoke, on this evening.

The lingering aftertaste in my mouth can only be described as vegetable. This cigar is quite the complicated little smoke, and ~$4.25 a smoke, if you haven't tried one you really should.

How much did I enjoy this PLPC? This much:

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Experienced smokers will of course notice that this is roughly the point at which smoking the cigar begins to become uncomfortable both for the hand and the lips. Please excuse the breach of cigar etiquette, you're quite right if you noticed that I didn't let the cigar die a dignified death, but I wanted to post my thoughts while they were still fresh on my mind.