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Originally Posted by BMWCadet View Post
And from reading your posts, you're obviously an Audi fanboy. Nothing wrong with that, you're just very transparent.
Can I ask how many BMWs you have owned?

Myself I have had 4 BMW within the last 10 years and 4 Audis, though I will admit I have had more Audis than BMWs overall. I've also my name down for the new 5 series before it has even been seen by the public, so if you call me a Fanboy then my track record goes against that claim.

What I am is a fan of is AWD and openly admit this, read my posts relating to the GTR and you will see how much I am a fan of AWD. As this conflicts with most people's option of BMW that may come across as not being a fan of all things BMW and may look to the outsider as being a fan of Audi, mainly because all of Audi's hi-performance models are equipped with AWD(quatro). I admire great engineering and as such I wouldn't place BMW ahead of Audi, just it's equal. I keep maintaining is that there is always more than one way to skin a cat and only the most closed minded of person believes that BMW's rwd and 50/50 weight balance is the sole way to a great car but when someone does something well I will always praise it, regardless of the make.