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Originally Posted by Tambohamilton View Post

OP, though I don't want to take a side in the above opinion misalignment, I think it would be wise to avoid this chap. Literally nobody that I've found has anything bad to say about BW chiptune (and maybe there are others too), which I think speaks volumes. It's not worth taking a chance on something that's a one-off expense, and a one-off trip to have it done.
yup,,and please have a look at all the other bmw forums,,which bwchiptune is a sponsor,,and he now even gets there for free he is that honest and upfront,,he even challenged other tuners etc,,also have a look at the youtube tv series he featured on,,ill post a link to it,,he tuned the e46 bmw for the guys dooing a track car to beat an m3 track time,,here it is,,its in episodes...