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Around 80K miles my car started having a bad 2-3 shift, usually when cold. 3rd was slow to engage and would sometimes rev up then bang 3rd when it caught. Dealer refused to service the trans. At 110K miles went to a recommended independent trans shop for the filter/pan, 4 megatronic sleeve seals, the main square seal and fresh fluid refill. I believe they used all ZF parts. Trans now is as good as new. They said even at that mileage there was nothing notable about the condition of the fluid and nothing significant stuck to the magnets or bottom of pan. I was charged $780. I found it refreshing the shop was very old school, service was authorized by a handshake, invoice written by hand. The building was the local Packard dealer in the '30's.

As others have said you need to top off the fluid with the engine running, warm, after running the selector thru all the gears. I wasn't keen on getting burned trying to do this on the floor of the garage thus went to the rare option of paying someone to work on the car.

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