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Tom - quick question, and please dont take this the wrong way, I just do not know what the norm is. Like you mentioned it is $80 less than new, but for most people, is that enough to make the purchase? I am new to modding, thus very "cautious" when initially getting involved. For me personally, I would rather spend 80 more up front, have the 1 or 2 week free tryout (I think that is what ********** is offering) and know it is absolutely new and in working condition before spending a little less and taking a chance.

It looks like other tunes (i.e. COBB) keep their value pretty well, but I dont know if it is enough to make the switch.

Maybe some other forum members can chime in. This is in no way a reference to the price you are asking, it is a general resale value question for used tunes.