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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
A little more detail on what you are planning to do would help a lot!
kaigoss69, I was just looking over your sig and the setup you have in your 08 335i is very similar to what I have going in my 09 335i. I had a few minor issues that I was wondering if you could help me resolve.

My current setup:
L7 OEM AMP > MS-8 > Rear Panel Speakers > JL HD900/5 > Front Doors (Focal), Underseat SWS-8s (Mid), JL IB Subs (2x10")

1. I had a shop do the install after designing the system I wanted to put into the car, but they used the ignition as the turn on for the MS-8/JL HD900/5. How could I change this to power the system on with with the car in ACC mode (1 press, foot off break) without going behind the HU itself? I know Technic has said it is Pin 13 from behind the HU but is it possible to use a wire off the OEM amp as the turn on?

2. I get a slight whine over the speakers which is only audible when the volume is low and source is relatively quiet (i.e. talk radio). It consistently gets higher in pitch with higher RPMs, do you have any experience with a problem like this? If so, any solutions in mind? The whine is less noticeable after the ms-8 and amp have warmed up, and cannot be heard over the sound of the music at mid-volume or higher even when cold.

Thanks for any input you have on these 2 issues!