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Originally Posted by torifile View Post
I've got a 2010 335d with sport, premium, cold, Logic7. No iDrive. It's the best car I've ever driven but.... I'm bored with it.

What would you do to make it more interesting? JBD? Upgrade the speakers? New headunit?
My understanding of this is how the 335d fits into the car universe. It is a compact European sedan that serves as both the Swiss Army Knife of cars (you do have the fold down rear seats, no?) AND a Q-ship hot rod with the monster torque that is usable in every day driving.

The only more "hot" thing to do for better excitement other than mods to amplify these characteristics would be to add a sports car to your garage or change it to an M3 or Porsche 911. All these things are at least a $10K proposition, so perhaps you could consider upping the power with JBD, or go the other direction and put on a trailer hitch to make the car even more versatile if you get my drift.

My $.02 Hope this helps.