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Originally Posted by MJ777LR View Post
Hi Jose, thanks very much for the DIY. I have an 05/07 E90 with Professional + Hifi, Bluetooth, and USB audio (6FL) from the factory. I recently found out that my headunit is faulty and I'm thinking of replacing it.

If I replace it with the exact same HU that is meant for the 05/07 model, do I need to code anything for the radio/USB audio to work? Will the new HU have the USB icon automatically?

Now I'm also thinking, if I get a newer HU that is meant for the MY09+ cars (like the one you have), what kind of coding do I need to do, since my car already has bluetooth and USB audio from the factory? Will everything (Bluetooth, USB, etc.) just work like 'plug-and-play'? I noticed the new HU models have a white connector at the back for the USB audio, but mine does not (but I still have 6FL from factory). Can I still install a newer HU?

Thanks for any advice you can give!
Hi MJ777LR,

Better you buy a HU specific for your car (I mean, build between 03/07 and 08/09)

If you get one newer you could have problems with your dealer in the future. Also many newer HU come without MOST gateway, this means that you would lose your MULF.

Anyway, you will have to recode the HU for your car. USB Icon will not appear 'magically' it has to be enabled by coding (the same for PDC, Bluetooth, Aux-in, Languaje...)

Why don't do it by your self?
Retrofitting is always possible!