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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
Did you luck out with clear roads? Summer tires are downright scary in snowy and icy conditions. With the different compound of winter tires, you also get the benefit of added grip in cold weather on dry roads whereas summer tires will start to harden up and lose grip.
Sometimes. Other times we got stuck on roads covering with 1" of ice. Most resort towns always have some type of snow/ice on them though. Seemed that careful driving was much more important than snow tires though. Even when we switched to renting cars in Denver and driving out to the resorts. They were never equipped with snow tires.

Last trip out to Steamboat the average temp the week we were there was -5 and we got something like 36" of snow. We rented a Ford fusion with all seasons. No crashes.

This was taken in the hotel parking lot in Steamboat about a year ago.
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