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Originally Posted by AIRPOWER View Post
I was having my C3 Vette worked on a couple years ago. In the shop was a shell of a white '75 being restored. I always like to hear the background stories on the cars being worked on. Well this Vette was bought new by a guy going through medical school and had to sell it to pay off loans. 40 years or so later he hired a PI to find it for him, it was totaled in a junk yard. He had it pulled out, bought a doner car and 100+K it was NCRS top flight peel paint and all - just like from the factory.
Damn thats crazy..!!

I actually wish I could do something like that for my dad, but the VIN numbers from back in the 60's were only like 8 digits long and weren't all transferred over to the newer system or something like that.. This is what I was told by the NJ Dept of Motor Vehicles.. My dad had a 68 Ford Torino GT Fastback with the factory 390, and I'd love to track that down for him..
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