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Originally Posted by 320what View Post
why those? they are a bit noisy and not a match for only slightly more expensive Goodyear F1, Bridgestone Potenzas or Michelin PS2s, at least according to latest test for 18in size i've read a week ago. Like got 8.1 out 10 when others named above scored around 8.9 or 8.8. Small difference may be, but they were like losing out on all counts except in wet. Also bit noisy - though all wet oriented tyres are on noisier side.

I thought my pS2s were noisy but after driving on highway speeds I realized they are actually super quiet. Friend has those Vredestein's on his Merc C class and they are noisier even with his car's superior sound proofing.

But hey, may be its different where you are and you like them, and I know remmib here has them and he likes them very much. So tests are subjective.
They're worth a look. Here in the states, they are half the price of all the tires you listed.
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