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Well I was able to get them mounted yesterday. No issues with the road balancing, however they did change the stock camber a bit in the rear and then adjusted the front to match. About 1 degree Neg in the back. First thing I noticed was the sound. They are a lot more quiet than the stock Potenza Rft. This morning into work, I drove hard into a clover leaf about 65 mph and no squirm or squeel. Much of the under steer is gone. I will continue to post updates. I got them from a dealer in Mpls. He wasn't able to match the price of Performancetire, plus they were 2-3 weeks out. I got them in 4 days and paid 200 a tire mounted road balanced and with Nitrogen.
It is supposed to rain this weekend, so I am looking to see the performance in the rain. Plus the tread is super cool.