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Originally Posted by TXSailor View Post
buddy of mine has an R32- same thing- pull one fuse and its RWD. We can and must find the way to get this done. am a JB3 guy- so I am going to ask Terry.
Assuming you mean VW R32, pull the one fuse, and it goes FWD only. R32 uses Haldex AWD, which is front wheel based. Going FWD only is probably not nearly as much fun as RWD only, so it would be pretty cool to have this switchable. You might even be able to get better highway gas mileage if you only had to drive 2 wheels. In fact, I actually think the newer generations of Haldex AWD are cockpit switchable, with a race (more RWD), normal (more FWD), and even a FWD only mode to use on the highway.
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