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Originally Posted by goto35 View Post

price seems excellent and reviews are great too. Is it worth it or should i spend $300 more for the same parts from fcpeuro?

car is my dads spare 2006 330i e90
I personally would stay away from that kit or any cheap eBay parts for that matter. It may be fine for a quick near term fix, but most of the cheap auto parts just don't last very long. The metal might be fine and not break, but it's the rubber bushings and ball joints that I'd be concerned about. You're not spending $300 more for the same parts, you're spending $300 more for better parts.

If you're looking to save money, there are cheaper alternatives that aren't junk. I replaced my front end suspension six months ago. I used Delphi brand control arms and end links on my car and they were relatively inexpensive compared to the TRW, Lemforder, or Meyle arms. I believe I paid around $60 for each arm. I used AC Delco inner tie rods and MOOG outer tie rod ends and paid $80 total. After installing these parts the front end feels new again.

I went really cheap on the struts however. Not no-name ebay junk, but still cheap obscure but somewhat slightly better known brand. They're cheap Sen Sen brand strut assemblies which were around $150 for the pair, already assembled. My plan was to just replace the originals since they were blown until I could find new springs then assemble a set of Sachs or Bilstein B4 struts with the new springs and swap them onto the car, but I am leaving it alone for now. The cheap struts are sort of bouncy and not ideal, but it rides fine for now while I focus on my other car.