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I know this is sacrilege, but I want to raise my ride height

I recently bought an e93 330d, while it's engine and step auto gear box are fantastic, I can't really come to terms with the 19inch wheels and stiff and I suspect lowered suspension. So I've come up with the solution to get a set of OEM 17s to replace the optioned 19s and put some 50 or 55 profile tyres on. I also am thinking about changing the springs all round as the car seems lower than it should be (by 1/2 inch) and I want at least stock height if not a little (20mm higher). With the inherent body flex and extra weight of a convertible an e93 is never going to be the last word in handling anyway, better off to maximise the cruiser feel. Discuss?

Where can i get slightly longer springs that are the same stiffness if not slightly less stiff than the stock e93 SE suspension? What is the spring rate and stock ride height of a SE 330 e93 anyways?