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I think the best 'fixes' will be taller tyres (smaller wheels if poss) first. Then spring cups to raise the suspension on your standard springs as others have suggested. This raises the suspension off the bump stops ('auxiliary springs') which are normally engaged at ride height. The trade off will be more body roll and less responsive handling.

The springs on your car should be C8, front and rear. These are the longest stock springs for the e9x platform, but also the stiffest of the non-sport ones (other than some e91 rear springs); front 365mm and 144lb/in, rear 340mm and 550lb/in. So none of the stock springs will be able to maintain current ride height and reduce spring rate. You could go with softer springs, but you'd just end up running deeper into the bump stops which would be counter-productive.

I can't seem to find any other OE(M) springs which would work for you, so I think wheels/tyres and spring cups are your best bet