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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
You're not taking into account that the radiator in an N51 is specific to SULEV and much more expensive - you can't just put in a $200 radiator - it will throw codes for emissions. To original poster, since you're in CA, an SULEV state, you should definitely look into the warranty. I had a faulty fuel pump replaced at no cost to me by BMW this summer as it, like the radiator, is covered by the SULEV warranty.
Good point. I forgot about the stupid magical coating that converts water to wine. Maybe there's a hack for it...[/QUOTE]

I looked a little bit more last night - looks like people are able to take the sensor from the old radiator and use that on a replacement to trick it. But still, given it's an SULEV and the OP appears to be in CA, I'd just have BMW take care of it.