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Hey Utah members, just curious if anyone can give me some advice here. I have an 06 e90 that has been wrecked and I am in the process of getting it back on the road. When I got the car the majority of the cosmetic damage had been taken care of, but the air bag lights and seat belt lights were still on. The guy I bought it from said the airbags did not deploy in the wreck. I took the car over to Elite Auto in Draper and they have had the car for 3 weeks now. First they told me the battery safety terminal and the battery needed to be replaced, so I paid for that work to be done. After that work was completed they tried to clear the codes multiple times and they keep coming back. Now they are thinking they may need to replace the airbag clock spring, the air bag module, or the airbag itself. Has anyone had any experience with this issue? Do I need to take the car somewhere else?