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I would love to see one debate on here that sticks to facts and does not resort to Ad Hominem attacks or Straw Man arguments. It is tiring to see insults thrown about, assumptions put forward and bans threatened. Why not simply stick to the various facts or philosohies and the practical implications of both?

I have already posted my thoughts on the practical side of this and a solution I thought was close to ideal yet that gets no reply. Instead people from both sides attempt to seek out the starkest contrast to their ideals and move to ostracise their opposition. Are we here for a genuine intellectual exchange or just to hear ourselves talk? Also, if we are to view everything in black and white then the odds of a compromise being reached is unlikely. You all knock congress for getting nothing done and polarizing to the point of paralysis yet I feel that if many of you were in those seats even less would be accomplished. Time to ask yourselves via honest introspection whether or not the research you do on a daily basis or within these threads is to find the truth or to reinforce an already existing viewpoint.