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Originally Posted by Kali View Post
Yeah, I got the 216 Motorsport alloys but thinking to sell them and get a set of new 19"s. Got few in mind.

Cheers mate! I got the steering wheel cover from ebay. Link Also to install it you're not required to remove the airbag but I found the install to be fiddly as the material isn't flexible like plastic and have to do some stretching although its worth the bother as it feels and looks really good! Good quality as well!

Will be selling same brand new trim like this soon.

At the start I thought the exact same thing and was gonna go for just two pipes, but since I got a bargain with this exhaust - I went for it. I don't regret it! Fair enough its 4 cyl but I went more for the appearance on this one and really is impressive, when see it in person.
Fair enough. Looks great anyway