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Originally Posted by gamesfrager View Post
Alright. Thanks to all the info here, I was able to finish this early this week.
Haven't had the chance to post the steps I took.

The bottom line, regardless if you bought a whole steering wheel with paddles and multi function buttons from a wreck etc. or if you collected parts and put them together; you will need to modify the steering wheel wiring.
It's not just the modification to the plug at the bottom of the clockspring that needs to be modified. Again, the steering wheel wiring needs to be adjusted as it was posted by Zaphood earlier. And no need for $100 USD harness, unless you don't want to cut any wires.

So here it is:
  1. Remove front trim. To do so, remove the three torx screws in the back
  2. Once removed you will have easy access to each paddle shifter plug that connects to each multi function button
  3. Grab a towel/microfiber towel and pliers so you don't damage the plug
  4. Remove the paddle plugs from the multi function buttons
  5. Remove pin #6 on the multi function plug that connects to the clockspring. I only needed to remove this one
  6. You can now follow the diagram for the wiring, but here is the description:
  7. Each paddle plug has 3 pins, forget pin #1
  8. Make a connection from one paddle pin #2 to the other paddle #2 and connect another one in the middle -or something. basically a T wiring (sorry not sure what it's called)
  9. Connect this to the airbag ground
  10. Do the same T wiring to pin #3 on the paddles and connect this to pin #6 on the multi function plug
  11. This wiring concludes the part on the steering wheel

Next is the connection from the clockspring to the gear shifter
  1. Take out the plug at the bottom of the clockspring
  2. Find pins #2 & #4
  3. If they are filled; then remove them (I don't like cutting if I can avoid it)
  4. Insert around 1 meter long wire in each pin (2 & 4)
  5. Tap one to the purple wire on the shifter harness and the other to the blue one

That's it. Huge thanks to everyone for their posts, comments, and help.
I'm confused as here your saying you just need to tap into #6 on the multi switch connector but then in earlier posts they say you need to tap into #4 and #6? Furthermore I've also read some people saying to tap into #3 and #6.....? Can someone please clarify which is correct????