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Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
Ive driven the old shape RS and it torque steered like a bitch in stock mode - so god knows what this drives like with that extra power, esp without the Revo Knuckle that is supposed to "help" with this issue on the new model?? I was seriously considering the new RS but some are saying that the torque steer problem still exists. 332 bhp is great on paper but pretty pointless if you cant transmit it to the black stuff. Besides, overweight or not, i know what i would rather be sat in driving to the Ring and around it and it aint no plastic Ford!! I dont know the guy with the RS and im sure he's a great chap if he's a mate of Andrews but having been to the Ring 3 times on my GSXR 1000 K5, K6 and K7 and also in my cars i strongly hope he leaves his ego in the car park otherwise he could be in trouble on the Ring!!! Oh, and if he's faster than the DXB and Big Tone then im selling the M3 as soon as we get home!!!!
Car has plenty of grip mate (providing its dry) Any high powered front wheel drive hatch will torque steer a little regardless of set up, odd thing is it is a lot better behaved modded than standard due to the way it comes on boost and delivers its power .

As for the ego bit was only trying to have a bit of banter but looks like that was left of the options list for most on here when they ordered their cars At the end of the day the ring is a dangerous place and I have no intension of driving like a fool when I get back there