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Originally Posted by SiKkBaSs View Post
Did he really set precedent? He must of gone through a lot of time, money hassle to achieve his "goodwill gesture" something a lot of people would not be willing to go through (Due to lack of knowledge in knowing what to do etc). Don't think BMW actually said that they admitted liablilty of the poor manufacturing of the alloys...
What stands out in the case of Dr Khan is the amount of the goodwill payment. It was rather more than the costs he had incurred.

It makes you wonder what would happen if more people affected pursued this via small claims court backed up by the MIRA report.

Originally Posted by AlanQS View Post
Look at the Watchdog web sit and click on "BMW tyres" (sic). There is a statement from BMW which spins quite well but then they claim this has affected about 100 cars out of 1.3 million BMWs on British roads.
This is a really key fact. If this number is correct just one in 13000 BMW drivers have experienced this problem.

If the issue is potholes and the quality of British roads, why is it not more common?

More importantly, what is the profile of those 100 affected people. How many had one particular type of wheel?

I have never heard of this happening on any car before (and neither had the 'expert' on Watchdog), but we seem to have a small number of cases, concentrated on a particular wheel in a particular size in the 3 series range.

That's statistically significant. If we haven't done so already I would recommend that someone uses the forum to establish as much statistical data about the failures as possible.

I don't know the numbers involved, but if the forum is able to gather data on a significant number of those affected (maybe 30 out of the 100 cases) there is then an opportunity for a group representation to BMW UK, to point out the statistical trend and make it abundantly clear that a manufacturing defect is a VERY likely cause.

Group action is the way forward. We just need someone with an interest in the subject to take the lead.