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Good question!

The mechanical internal bits of the engine are the same on a US spec car vs a Euro spec car (some of the emission related bits and electronics are different.)

Accordingly, you should use the oil that is prescribed for your physical location. As you indicated, you are using European gas so the European oils (LL04) are the ones that you should use.

Was the car a Euro delivery for use in Europe or did you get it in the US? If you got it in the US then it'll have LL-01. I've heard that US spec cars sold through military/diplo sales for use in Europe will have LL-04 fill but neither the LL-01 or the LL-04 fills are documented. BMW (and other manufacturers) are pretty closed mouthed about their initial fill - perhaps it is my maple syrup Paulaner blend

I know that most German dealers will refuse an early oil change - even if you pay for it - due to the environmental laws. BMW's are on a 3 yr 30k km oil change interval. I don't know what the Dutch do - sorry - but I suspect that it'll be closer to the German schedule than the US.

One thing to remember about Europe - they've had high petroleum product prices forever so they are quite a bit more careful about their OCIs.

As an aside, Your car is covered by the European warranty (2yrs?) without included maintenance until it returns to the US - then any remaining US warranty would apply.

Enjoy the Netherlands - is that a permanent move or temporary?