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Originally Posted by allmotorh22 View Post
Nope... and the issues your experiencing are due to the butterfly valves opening and closing when your DME is not expecting it to.

IMHO... 3 stage manifold is a waste. It would probably work better if you got a 330i DME or a tune with a 330i program...

or... put back your wide-open 325i manifold, because i don't know about everyone else but I only race in the higher rpms with a wide-open throttle.
The BMW manifold does not work like the honda 2 stage manifolds with butterflies. There are no alternate runners in the BMW 3 stage manifold (like honda used), and using it creates more power pretty much everywhere.

I think this mod may need some careful dyno tuning to work right. While the 330 software should work just fine, I have a feeling that the tuners flashing 325's to 330's aren't copying everything over from the 330 software - they are probably only using timing and fuel maps from the 330, and not the valvetronic/vanos settings which are a huge part of where the 330 gets it's power.