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Originally Posted by madmanhiker View Post
^^ not my car... just posting a pic from n54tech... However, I do feel that this would allow a perfect opportunity for the operator to get a more accurate run in 4th from 1800-2200 rpm - this is mainly to show TQ. Sure, telling the operator and him actually doing it are 2 different things. This little widget prevents any confusion... hence sharing it. I can tell you that my previous runs were constantly plagued (different shops) with a proper run.
Great tip. Wish I had this info a couple months ago when I did the PPKI on my car and had it dynoed. The dope behind the wheel(not me, another dope) couldnt get a decent run. He kept banging off the kick down or soft pedaling it too much. Waste of time and money. Im going to find another place to do it have this trick to get it done right. thanks.