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Originally Posted by brunp View Post
I don't have to do a replacement as of yet, but anyone know why some people are suggesting to go to the dealer to replace the battery. Some say, the car goes into safe mode and then you have to tell the computer that it has a new battery.

Can anyone confirm or deny this?

It is true. The car monitors the condition of the battery as it ages to adjust the charging cycle. The procedure calls for resetting the battery condition monitor to tell the car's computer there is a new battery in place.

The BT scan tool should probably be able to reset the battery condition monitor. I've just ordered mine and when I get it I will check the software to see if it does. Going to the dealer to replace the battery is expensive, and the BT scan tool at $280 for the enthusiast version should well cover the cost savings by DIY vs. the dealer install. I'm using it as an excuse to buy the BT Scan tool. (although I bought the pro version…)