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Originally Posted by Neutrino45 View Post

I'm not sure when they started to sell BMW factory extended warranties. I bought my extension at the end of Nov 2010. Maybe you can call BMW of Austin and check with them.
Could be they weren't selling their own very well and changed their minds, because my experience was in July 2010. The CA told me if I were you, I'd go and get a BMW warranty, but we can't sell them (finance mgr. was out of the room). He told me the aftermarket is way more profitable to the dealerships than BMW. So those coupons are living proof that the warranties are absolutely discounted, though it took me 3 dealerships, first two wouldn't budge. Hopefully, when they take the $400 off, it's from the key read price, not from the grid that someone posted in this thread, or some of the other prices in this thread that are marked up over list.