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Originally Posted by BMW //MPOWER View Post
Demo's make sense? Really? Are you sure?
Would you really buy a car that everyone has taken out, pre-breaking in and flogged the guts out of? Why do i say this you may ask? Because every demo i have driven the dealer has let me flog it, ripping it right up to the redline and all, not exactly the sorta stuff you'd be doing in your own new car. However others may think differently.
To top it off (sorry for the rant) a 335i demo will now have upto 5000kms on the clock, as each dealers were given demo's and couldnt sell them or they'd have no cars for test drives. However you should be able to pick up a dirt-cheap demo 335i at Alto BMW in Artarmon, i was in there a month or so back and they only had 1 demo as some asian chick had pranged the other one on a test drive, i would imagine that one would be selling a little cheaper than the rest.

MPOWER - I understand your logic but these days cars don't really need to be broken in. Even if the younger wannabe F1 test drivers "rip it to the red-line" the cars are so de-tuned that you are not anywhere near the danger level of killing the car or causing long term damage. 5000klms on a car (especially a BMW) is nothing. I'd be more concerned about buying the one that was involved in the accident but even then, I'm sure the repair work would be unnoticable.