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Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Then I swapped the RCA plugs around, into the right channel I plugged the left RCA and vice versa - the buzzing noise went from the passenger side to the drivers side and the passenger side had no buzz
Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
1- Swap the RCA bullets. Red (R) RCA bullet to L amp input and L RCA bullent to R amp. If the noise goes to Right speaker, than problems is somewhere b/w HU output and amp input.
Most likely you have the answer.
Try to take phono RCA out of your iphone and plug it directly to your amp.
If there is no buzzing sound in your left mid, then certainly problem is somewhere b.w HU and source of input to amp on left side wiring.

Originally Posted by mistryn View Post
Also I have noticed when I have the volume on low I do suffer form alternator whine coming through speakers is this the norm?
I think your harness is picking up noise on its way to amp. Check it again especially on passenger side footwell.