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Stability is Overrated
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I swap rotors/pads back and forth between track and street. My track setup has Zimmerman solid rotors all the way round. They are fine, even bombing around Watkins Glen which is a heavy braking track. The brakes get hot enough you can smell them.

If you are driving an E90, be sure that you get the right front rotors/pads. They changed rotors between 07 and 08 in the front (to larger ones thankfully!).

The back pads that came my used E90 were Textar. Very dusty, but they worked well. It looks like the epad are a low dust compound pad. If that is what you seek, it might be OK. My experience is that low dust pads tend to fade if you get much heat in them, but for most people they don't get enough heat in them to be a problem.

[Edit] apeyuen - I note you have a 325i. Mine is an 328i which is what I meant when they switched front brake sizes in '08. Not sure that applies to the 325i.

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