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Originally Posted by gIzzE View Post
Scott what a fukin' pain!!

Great car though, I had one for 2 days and I would own one tomorrow, absolutely loved it!

I would actually have a new 3.0tdi twin turbo A6 avant as well over anything from BMW and Merc at the moment, they have really moved things on a lot with this generation.

I don't know if its me getting old Guy but I wanted 4x4 and they're just such good value. Hopefully it will be back soon and I can start enjoying it as I don't fancy driving back and forth to my shops in a golf for very long.

I have a deposit on the new RS6 but IMO I was so impressed with the A8's value that I'm starting to dislike the idea of buying new on pretty much anything.

Anyway hope the family are well and business is good for you in this new year