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Originally Posted by B33M3R View Post
Thanks, hope it assists! You are quite correct, the re-coding is just to flatten the EQ on the 'base' system and this is being done externally by the MS8. It is not being used as a signal summing device as the 'base' doesn't require this (MS8 can do this if required though)

Another thing the bare in mind is that apparently later cars can't be recoded despite them appearing to take the changed coding their output signal has remained unchanged. This was a factor in my decision to use a processor.

There are no errors displayed because as far as the car is concerned nothing has changed.

It's only the 'base' that has this tweaked EQ though, 'Hi Fi' and 'Logic 7' need as slightly different approach so make sure you know your starting point before you commit to buying your equipment. Have fun!

Thanks heaps